MEGAN SHURMER Fitness Model Inspiration Transformation

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MEGAN SHURMER Fitness Model Inspiration Transformation

MEGAN SHURMER  Ambassador of 2 most rated nutrition company

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“ I’ve always been into my fitness – from a very young age, I was into my athletics and numerous other sports. I didn’t think too much about my diet, I just ate what was put in front of me.
It was around the age of 16 I developed a negative relationship with food. The pressure of schooling and a result of a bullying resulted in me not eating enough. I was still doing my sport and I had started the gym/weight training, but looking back I wasn’t fuelling my body with the correct nutrition in order for it to grow and develop the way it should. At the time I didn’t see it. I had the constant image in my head that I wasn’t skinny enough, wasn’t “lean” enough. I kept getting skinnier and skinnier and was on the verge of becoming anorexic. I had what looked like abs, but as soon as I would eat a cheat meal I would rebound and lose what I thought was my muscles. Because I wasn’t giving my body the nutritional values it needed, it didn’t respond the way it should if I had fuelled it correctly. It came to the point where my parents told me I needed to start eating more or I would die. Those drastic words got to me and I knew I needed to make a change. This is where my love and passion for health and fitness began! I would spend hours reading books about nutrition and training. I would watch videos of workouts and people I aspire to daily. I wanted to learn everything possible! This journey is still continuing 4 years on and I am still amazed at how incredible the body is by the smallest and simplest of changes..whether that be in your diet or training regime. My love for health and fitness continues to grow, and so does my knowledge – and I don’t think it will ever stop”


Fitness model and social media maven who is most popular on Instagram, where she shares her physique and promotes brands like 1 Up Nutrition for more than 64K followers.

Before Fame

She spent her early childhood in England before moving to Ammanford, Wales. She graduated from St Michael’s School.


She has a self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares her nutrition and workout habits, favorite gym clothes, body transformations and more

Family Life

She has a half-sister named Tanya.